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Interested in owning racehorses? D2D has created a website where you can start owning racehorses with even a minimal investment. Get ready for the excitement and thrill of owning a racehorse. Start owning horses that race both in Canada and the United States and live your dream with D2D Racing Stable.Visit our link below for the latest and current offerings.



Standardbred Canada is your source for the latest news,race results,entries,blogs and so much more.If your looking to sell a horse standardbred Canada also provides a sales board and many more members services click the link to find out more.


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Are your interested in fractional ownership? have you every wanted to own a race horse and didn't have either the resources or the avenue to get you to that winners circle? D2D Racing Stable is your source to fractional ownership use the contact link to find out more

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This section is designed for those with interest in the American harness Racing scene. At USA trotting you will get the the latest entries,results from all tracks in the USA + if your looking for the latest hoof beats news and video posted this site is a must to visit.Click the link to go directly to their site.

The Equine Retreat

The Equine Retreat:

Welcome to the Equine Retreat, a family run farm nestled on a few acres of land outside of Dresden, On. Operated by Sharon Crowe Pishl, and her son Michael, the farm has been in business since 1990, and Sharon has owned and worked with many animals for over 40 years.

D2D Racing Stable is currently working on a new offering for those interested in participation. Please continue to visit this page as the new offering will be listed here once details are finalized.

Horse racing is a type of equestrian sport which was designed to provide entertainment for large crowds of people. After horses were no longer required for combat in battle, equestrian sports were seen as a good alternative to test the ability of a horse rider. Ancient Greek Olympic chariot horse racing was a popular source of entertainment, which has further developed into mounted horse racing. At famous racing tracks such as Arlington Park, you will find horse racing is an exciting sport for people to Place a bet on. Who would have thought that an equestrian sport would have developed into one of the most entertaining sports in the world!

Trot Insider has learned that a five-year deal for live harness racing at Leamington Raceway has been finalized. While full details have not been released, the 2014 season will see Leamington and the Lakeshore Horse Racing Association host 13 race dates. Operators of live racing at Dresden Raceway, Hiawatha Horse Park and Leamington Raceway had originally applied for a total of 60 dates for the 2014 season. Due to funding constraints, that application was later revised to 45 dates with 11 race dates at Dresden, 20 dates at Hiawatha and 14 cards at Leamington. Dresden was later approved for 11 dates with Hiawatha securing 21 programs. Full details will be announced at a 3:00 p.m. press conference today (June 30) at Leamington Raceway." href="http://standardbredcanada.ca/news/6-30-14/five-year-deal-leamington.html">Continued Here

Rocknroll Hanover’s caretaker, at both age two and three, takes a walk down memory lane and recalls the magical career of her friend known as “Rock,” including his accomplishment of being the only standardbred to ever to win three, $1 million races.They say the memories you make will last a lifetime, and I am so thankful they do. When I close my eyes the memories become real again and every moment comes back to life. I can see the look on Brian Sears’ face right after I told him (minutes before the Meadowlands Pace final), “If Rocknroll wins the Meadowlands Pace tonight, he will be the first standardbred in history to win three, $1 million races.” It was the look of confidence, with a side of pressure. I told him, not to worry, Rock was feeling great and on his game..Continued Here

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Part # 1 Betting on Horses Theres more to betting at the track than simply picking up a program saying I like all the # 5 horses and casting your wagers.Sometimes we get drawn in by the horse with the most catchy name and other times we are drawn in to the myth of betting a grey horse on a grey day.

So tell me what color horse do you bet on a sunny day or a cloudy day? If you are looking to actually win money,there are some basic steps to take before laying down your wager. The mistake most bettors make is trying to determine what kind of bet they want to make.

There are tons of different options, in a variety of combinations. The most common and simplest Wager is a straight bet: In a straight bet,you choose one horse to come in first place.In my years of wagering I would say the novice bettor stands greater odd of being successful if he or she begins with the easiest bet which is a show bet.

Now with that being said you must also understand the odds. If the odds on a horse are 4/1, that means you will make $4 profit on every dollar you bet. At most racetracks, there is a minimum bet of $2, so you will make double the odds on your bet (if you bet the minimum on a horse with 4/1 odds, you will walk away with $10 if you win the original $2 plus $8 profit). You may also see odds listed as a dollar amount. This stands for how much you will make on a $2 bet on a given horse. (If the listed price is $8, thats how much you will profit from a minimum bet. If you bet $20 on a horse, multiply the payout by five.) Stay tuned for part 2 in this series later this month.
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